✔ Want to REALLY keep 100% of your royalties?

✔ Want to REALLY self-publish your book?

✔ Want direct contracts with the world’s largest Print on Demand printer as well as Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and any other ebook retailer you choose?

PubPreppers will:

✔ Format your print book’s interior

✔ Provide you with professional, original cover design (optional). CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLES

✔ Format / Convert your files to Mobi and ePub formats (required by the top ebook retailers) as well as PDF format (for ebook buyers who don’t own an ebook reading device)

✔ Show you where to list and sell your book yourself (the top P.O.D. printer and the top three ebook retailers)!

✔ Give you a free copy of 90+ Days of Promoting Your Book Online: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan!

Yes, it’s that easy and PubPreppers’ prices are lower than many of the large Print on Demand publishers would charge for similar services!

The Details:

A True Self-Publisher – If you are a true self-publisher, you enter into contracts with a printer, distributors and retailers directly. Only then do you truly get 100% royalties (which is 100% after the distributor/retailer takes their cut, of course). PubPreppers.com will format/design your files, hand them to you, and you’re off and running!

Formatting/Design – PubPreppers.com will prepare your manuscript and cover for publication. Print files are compatible with the specs of the largest Print on Demand printer in the world. Ebook files are compatible with firms requiring mobi and/or epub formats (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Sony and more). Original cover design is professional and one-of-a-kind. WE DON’T USE UGLY TEMPLATE COVERS! You will work directly with our designer to ensure your cover is what you want.

YOU Get to List and Sell Your Own Book! When your files are ready (our turn-around for print books is around a month for black-and-white-interior; a little longer for some complex color-interior books), PubPreppers.com will give you your files, along with links on where to list and sell your book.

100% Royalties – Many claim to do this but, if you read the fine print, their claims are not true. What they really mean is 100% of what’s left after everybody else takes their cut. That’s what everybody does but some firms are dishonest by trying to make authors think they’re getting 100% of the list price when a copy of their book sells. Earn 100% of the dollars sent to you directly by distributors and retailers by truly being your own publisher!

You Retain All Rights – Our philosophy is “if you paid for it, you should own it.” You will own all rights to your production files, and can do whatever you want with them.

How Much Will It Cost?

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Some authors want someone else to handle the business end of publishing while others want to do everything themselves. We can help. We offer two companies with varying levels of service to assist you – PubPreppers and BookLocker.com. Which option is best for you?

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